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+7 (861) 298-08-66
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Feed yeast

Feed yeast

We purchase and sell from small to large volumes of feed yeast. We work with customers and sellers in Russian Federation, CIS and non-CIS-countries.

Feed yeast can be successfully fed to calves and cattle. They are able to replace up to 20-30% of the norm of whole milk in case of feeding calves, and are also a valuable feed for fur-bearing animals and can replace up to 30% of meat products.
price on application
Type: in pellets
The use of feed yeast is especially effective in poultry farming due to the high protein content and to vitamin B complex. Feed yeasts are successfully used in artificial fish breeding, as well as in bee keeping - for feeding bees at the beginning of spring. They have great biological value due to the presence of essential amino acids included in protein. The use of yeast allows animals to fully absorb grain and other feeds, which leads to their faster growth and lower costs.

It should also mention one another component - ammonium sulfate is a non-protein nitrogenous additive and actively used in agriculture, medicine, mining and food industries. It is completely soluble in water, not mixed with alcohol and acetone, it has no smell, and the taste is similar to table salt. In food industry, it is used as a salt substitution, emulsifier and stabilizer, registered as a food additive E517. Ammonium sulfate is explosive and fire dangerous

Quality specification


Crude protein
50% (min.)
13% (max.)
Crude ash
5,5% (max.)
Crude fiber
9% (макс.)
Metallomagnetic impurity per 1 kg
8,3 g. (max.)
* Quality specification agreed in contract may differ from above indicated
ammonium sulfate, wheat bran
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capacity: 50-80 tons
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350011 Russia, Krasnodar, ul. Starokubanskaya, 36/1, office 206
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