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Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

Sugar beet pulp

We purchase and sell from small to large volumes of sugar beet pulp pellets. We work with customers and sellers in Russian Federation, CIS and non-CIS-countries.

Sugar beet pulp is a byproduct from sugar beet refining industries. After it was extracted from roots and sugar processing, the remaining pulp is sold to farms for feeding of livestock. Initially, the product comes out in the form of fresh pulp mass.
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Type: pellets
It can be sold immediately or sent for further processing. Depending on the processing method, there are different types of sugar beet pulp, but the most popular of them is in pellets. This type is non-perishable and allows you to purchase for the future, while almost all useful substances are preserved in it.

Immediately after production sugar beet pulp consists of 90% water and 6-8% dry matter. During dewatering process, moisture is removed and pellets on dry mater basis already contain for 86-94%. The dry matters include cellulose, pectin, sugar, fiber, ash, protein, arabane, lysine, amino acids (biotin, pantothenic, B1, B2, B6, ascorbic acid), phosphorus, starch, calcium.

The speciality of sugar beet pulp, in its essence, it is already ready for feeding, it contains a high level of energy on dry matter and is digested by the animal's body faster than many popular feeds.

Quality specification


10,0 % (max.)
14.5 % (max.)
5.0 % (max.)
Pellets diameter
10-12 mm (max.)
* Quality specification agreed in contract may differ from above indicated
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350011 Russia, Krasnodar, ul. Starokubanskaya, 36/1, office 206
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