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+7 (861) 298-08-66
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Distilled dried corn grains with solubles

Distilled dried corn grains with solubles

We purchase and sell from small to large volumes of DDGS. Working with customers and sellers in Russian Federation, CIS and non-CIS countries.

Distilled dried corn grains are co-product of ethanol production from corn. Pelletized ddgs are often used in agriculture as an addition to animals feed (pigs, cattle), poultry and fish.
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Type: meal / in bulk
Natural additive – DDGS - promotes good growth of living creatures, maintaining muscles and bones, raising the level of vitamins because DDGS contains a lot of useful nutrients.

The main elements contained in DDGS are protein (up to 35% of the entire mass of the product), various amino acids - only more than 17 in the substance, vitamins - ergosterin, B-vitamins, which are responsible for the regulation of normal metabolism in animals, phosphorus, carbohydrates (in average 13.5% on the dry residue), proteins, fats (about 8% of the total mass of the product), fiber. As well as iron, zinc, manganese, copper and this is far from a complete list of all trace elements so necessary in the diet of livestock, birds and fish.

It is worth to mention that the DDGS is precisely the food supplement. It is impossible to completely replace the grain. However, it will help to much reduce the cost of the main feed. DDGS is an exclusively natural product. Unlike many other food additives (especially chemical origin), this product does not contain absolutely harmful impurities, that contributes to a healthy growth and growth of animal organisms.

Quality specification


Crude protein
27% (min.)
14,5% (max.)
Crude ash
5% (max.)
6% (min.)
* Quality specification agreed in contract may differ from above indicated
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capacity: 50-80 tons
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350011 Russia, Krasnodar, ul. Starokubanskaya, 36/1, office 206
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